Monday, October 15, 2012

The Not-So-Stained Staining Project

Happy Monday friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a fabulous time with my parents this weekend. I'll have more on our weekend activities later. 

I've been working on a photo/picture frame project that I found during my daily blog reading. Is anyone else obsessed with hooked on blogs? I absolutely LOVE reading design, crafting and baking blogs to finding new ideas that I'd like to try out myself. I came across this blog post for a diy vintage wood stain. Her's turned out great. It was beautiful and inspiring. Plus, I wasn't super excited about the original color of the frame I purchased so this would be the perfect solution.

I went out the next day and bought the steel wool and vinegar and used coffee I already had at home. I added these three ingredients to a mason jar and let it sit overnight (actually about a day and a half). 

I used a scrap piece of wood before using it on the actual frame. I brushed it on the frame and....nothing. I rubbed some more on. Nothing. Maybe it needed to soak in and dry. I left it for 30 minutes and came back. Nothing. 

Can a girl admit when she's had a diy flop?? I'm just being real folks. I need some help; some pointers from my friends in the blog world. Has anyone tried this? I'm definitely willing to give this another try in hopes that if I tweak something, it might work for me the second go round. Plus, every story of defeat needs a story of overcoming and victory, right? :) 

The Doyles


  1. I think you need a plain unfinished frame so it can soak in. Maybe your frame had a.clear coat of some kind on it. Maybe sand it down and try again?

    1. Thanks for the tip! I sanded it a little, but maybe I need to try a more coarse sandpaper. I really appreciate your thoughts!

  2. Thats what I was thinking, that maybe the wood had some poly on it. Also make sure that your steel wool is not the kind that has soap in it, and make sure it wasnt stainless steel wool. Just regular steel wool, since those other kinds will not have a reaction to the vinager. I just tried this project, and it worked for me, so I hope yours works out too!


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