Our House

We bought our first home back in January of 2011. Since then we have slowly been making updates and making it our home sweet home. 

The Exterior

We tackled the crazy landscaping and ugly red mulch. What is natural and pretty about red mulch? 

Awful right? A big ivy and red mulch mess. Now check it out after hours of work and a poison ivy covered hubby later. 

Does anyone have experience with pampas grass? It's awful and requires so much maintenance and upkeep. Here is it after a much needed haircut. But even with a fresh cut, they got the boot. 

Here's the after. These will eventually get bigger and act as a nice barrier between us and the neighboring house. For the record, we do really like our neighbors, so no barrier is actually required. :)

The Interior

I found this fabric at Pottery Barn and fell in love. Traditional pattern but fun and edgy with lots of color. I used this as my inspiration for the paint colors in the house. 

We had a painter come in and do the whole house before we moved in. I'm all about a good DIY project, but painting all the walls, all the trim and all the ceilings, not our idea of fun. We've done painting ourselves in the past and it was a big pain in our rears, so we opted out. Best decision we've ever made! Gave us a chance to focus on decorating and other home projects which is more our cup of tea.

Living Room 



Chairs and sofa are from Pottery Barn. They give you in store money back from every purchase which allowed us to get some great accessories for the room. I think its safe to say I LOVE Pottery Barn!  

Dining Room 


Don't you just love the red? HA! 


Sorry for the dark iPhone picture. More recent, less dark pictures to come. The drapes are in the same fabric as the chairs in the living room to tie everything together and the living room and dining room are painted the same color to tie the two rooms together. 



 We changed out the florescent light fixture, added new stainless steel appliances and hardware to the cabinets. We used an orange-ish/coral color from the fabric which went well with the floors. 

Master Bedroom


Don't worry, the boob light on the ceiling has been replaced. 


We added a chandelier and had the tray ceiling painted the same as the wall color. 

I just love these pictures on either side of our bed. We had moss letters, K and J, hung at our wedding reception. I was hoping to save the letters and hang them over our bed, but the moss didn't hold up so these pictures are a great alternative.

Guest Bedroom


The before pictures of the guest room are currently MIA so just imagine a blank canvas of beige walls and beige carpet, i.e. boring and now...TA-DA! 

3rd Bedroom - Okay, so this bedroom is currently hubby's office and what he considers his "organized clutter" is not exactly, in my opinion, blog presentable. So you'll have to use your imagination and picture a desk, office chair, bookshelf and my sweet hubby hard at work. 

Family Room

Hubby refers to this room as the man cave. He took one look at this large bonus room when we were house hunting and he was sold. I use this room just as much as he does, so we'll just stick with "the cave" for now. 



This is our TV/hang out room, complete with a ping pong table which hubby loves. Some pretty intense matches have gone down in this room. 

Bathrooms are coming soon! My wonderful Dad made mirror frames from crown molding for all our bathrooms and installed them the last time they were in town. They look great! 

So that's the tour. I'll be adding more photos soon so be sure to check back! Hope everyone enjoys a look into our home sweet home!

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