Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY Christmas Candles

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful holiday with family this past week! 

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, I am ready to get my Christmas decorating on! Okay, so I actually did this Christmas craft before Thanksgiving, oops. I guess its safe to say I've been more than ready to pull out the garland and tinsel this year! At least I showed Thanksgiving a little respect and blogged about it after, right?

I've been seeing a lot of glittery Christmas candles in home decor stores recently, some to the tune of $20 bucks a pop. Yikes! This got me inspired. I decided I could make the same pretty glittery candles for much cheaper and could satisfy my DIY bug at the same time. A win, win!

Let's start with the guests to this DIY glitter candles party. I got a pack of 3 candles for $2.89 at Garden Ridge. Has anyone been there before? It's one of those big you-can-find-just-about-anything warehouse-y kind of places with really good prices. I got the glitter and the spray adhesive at Michaels. The glitter was about $3.00 total for regular gold glitter and some Martha Stewart tinsel glitter that was on clearance. The adhesive was about $6 but can be used again for many more projects. So the whole project was under $12 for 3 candles which is a whole lot better than $20 for one!

From there, the project is pretty straight forward. Spray the candles with the adhesive. I wrapped the wick in tape so it wouldn't get glue and glitter on it. The rolled each candle in the glitter. 

The end result?

Pretty right? Just let it try for a few hours and shake off the excess glitter. 

Here they are in my living room. Gives this table a little more pizzazz and Christmas cheer than the plain white ones that are housed there the rest of the year, don't ya think?

So there you have it, my first but definitely not my last Christmas craft for 2012. Has anyone else done any Christmas crafts yet? Feel free to share if you have!

The Doyles

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