Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa Hats

Who loves a good Christmas recipe? I love holiday cooking and baking! This sweet treat is super easy and super yummy! I grew up making these every year and still love them just as much now as I did when I was younger. Does anyone else make Santa Hats? 

Here's what you will need...

Santa's Hats
from My Doyle Life

2 scoops (or as many as you would like or your glass will handle) cherry vanilla ice cream
Ginger Ale
Whipped cream
Sprinkles (optional)

You could also use pistachio or peppermint ice cream or really any flavor you like, but I've found these three are festive and the best for Santa's Hats. Otherwise, you'd just have a regular ice cream float, which I'm good with, just not so Christmas-y.
You could also get crazy and top it with a cherry...or two. :)

They are so pretty! Don't you think? What are your favorite holiday recipes? Give these Santa Hats a try, you won't be disappointed! 

I'm sharing this recipe over at Schue Love as part of the Christmas Cheer Link Party. Head on over and check out all the great recipes!

The Doyles


  1. How cute! So fun for the holidays :)

  2. I agree! They are super pretty! And very festive! Thanks so much for linking up! :)


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